We offer a 12-month limited warranty for all products on manufacturing structural faults and defects. For faulty products, we will either repair or replace the item (subject to availability), or refund the product if these options are not available.

Our warranty does not cover wear and tear caused by climate conditions or regular day-to-day usage (e.g. fabric abrasion, scratches, dents and food stains), rough handling or improper use of the item.

Our warranty does not apply to display set sale pieces and items marked as "Final Sale".

Most of our furniture is hand-made using natural materials like cotton, linen, rattan and wood, which will weather and age with time (seen in the form of natural patina or darkening of the material). To enhance the longevity of our pieces, use them indoors or in sheltered outdoor areas only, away from direct sunlight and wet weather conditions. 

Natural variation in colour and grain patterns and natural features occurring in wood, marble, travertine and terrazzo are not considered defects.

Wood is a hygroscopic material and will continuously react to changes in its environment by absorbing/releasing moisture. Wood shrinks as its moisture content decreases and swells as its moisture content increases. This movement can result in the wood warping, shakes opening/closing and joint separation. This movement is natural and is not considered a defect. The rate at which wood absorbs moisture in the air is influenced by temperature along with the air humidity. For example, heat in a dry area or air conditioning may cause moisture to be released and can cause the wood to dry in an uneven manner. Similarly, the wood may absorb moisture in humid environments and cause the wood to expand in an uneven manner. All wood species can react to exposure to (UV) sunlight, changes in temperature and air humidity. We cannot be held responsible for changes in the wood due to environmental factors, once delivery has been received. This would not be deemed a defect or manufacturing fault under the terms of the item’s warranty.