Elise Round Travertine Dining Table
Elise Round Travertine Dining Table
Elise Round Travertine Dining Table
Elise Round Travertine Dining Table

Elise Round Travertine Dining Table

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Why you’ll love it

  • The Elise Travertine Round Dining Table is made with natural ivory travertine in a warm ivory white tone and a matte finish, allowing the natural patterns of the stone to take the centre stage of your dining area
  • The simple silhouette of this round dining table allows the natural colours and patterns of the travertine to to shine through elegantly
  • The subtle fissures and mineral deposits of both the table top and the solid base provide a calming and organic element to your favourite interior space
  • Available in 80cm, 90cm and 100cm diameters, the Elise Travertine Round Dining Table has a slim solid base to maximise legroom for diners, an ideal choice for compact spaces

Dimensions: 90/100cm (diameter) x 75cm (height)

Material: Natural travertine stone (partially filled, meaning some of the naturally occurring pits and fissures are filled for a smoother surface)

Customer advisory: This is made of natural travertine. Every piece of natural stone will vary in terms of colour shade, texture and stone pattern due the naturally occurring mineral deposits. As with all natural stones, travertine has pits and fissures (i.e. naturally occurring lines that may resemble cracks) as well as texture and colour tones variations. These are not considered faults or defects. These features should be expected within each piece and we cannot offer refunds, reimbursements, discounts or compensation for them. Please contact us if you are unsure on the terms or what to expect with the above.


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